27 Normal School Activities Every ’80s Kid Did That Would Never Fly Today

The PC police have banned all these school traditions and I don’t think we are more evolved for it. Check out what today’s children are missing out on.

Pick Valentines1. Pick Valentines

Remember the horrible feeling of NOT getting a valentine from your grade school crush? With some schools banning the holiday entirely and others implementing all-or-nothing valentine policies (read: bring in valentines for EVERYBODY in class or no one at all), hurt feelings are now a thing of the past.

Play Dodgeball2. Play Dodgeball

How many of us still wake up in a cold sweat, plagued by nightmares about being pelted with hard rubber balls? It’s a good thing nobody really liked dodgeball, because it’s largely being eradicated in schools due to concerns about its “violent,” “cruel” nature.


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