28 Injured After Nightclub Shooting in Arkansas

Reports coming from downtown Arkansas have stated as many as 28 people, so far, have been injured during a major shootout inside a nightclub.

Multiple assailants were involved in the early morning brawl. During the time of the gun-fight a Finese2Tymes concert was taking place at Power Ultra Lounge, Little Rock Police said.

So far, 25 people have been reported shot while three others suffered ‘unrelated injuries’.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner stated all victims are recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

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A victim who was listed in critical condition is now stable.

Buckner said there were a lot of young people in the Little Rock nightclub when the shooting began around 2:30 a.m., and that the youngest victim is believed to be 16 years old,NBC News reported.

Police in a tweet said they do not “believe this incident was an active shooter or terror related,” but rather “some sort of dispute” that escalated into gunfire.

Darryl Rankin was streaming the concert on Facebook when the gunfire began. The blurry cell phone sees people dancing in front of a stage and enjoying the night, before everything devolves into chaos.

The early morning fight comes on the heels of a series of drive-by shootings in the area, though there is no indication they are connected,KOAT reported.

Buckner told reporters it was too early to offer details on those behind the incident, but said there could be multiple suspects, according to USA Today.

“Certainly during incidents such as this, emotions are very high. We need to be very careful with our words,” Buckner said. “This is a blip on the map that we certainly didn’t need considering the history that we’ve had over the past week.”

NY Daily News

Authorities have ruled out terrorism.

We’re going to make a guess and say this was gang related.

The official report has not been released, but with the wrap concerns going on and multiple assailants involved, one can read between the lines.

Check out the video below and let us know what your theory is.


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