3D-PRINTER: Prints the Most Epic Fully Functioning Gun [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.36.54 AMNow this is cool.

Cyberspace isn’t the Wild West, but if anything gets close, it’s 3D-printed guns. The weapons, made at home by people with both a desire for a firearm and access to a printing machine, are themselves untraceable, circumventing most gun regulations by being made at home. James R. Patrick’s 3D printed revolver is very much part of the same, a deadlier evolution of the same concept.

Dubbed the PM522 Washbear, the revolver fires .22LR bullets, common in small-game hunting rifles and some pistols. Every part of the gun is printed in sturdy ABS plastic, except three: elastic bands, a metal roofing nail that acts as a firing pin, and a nonfunctioning slab of metal that goes in the handle so the gun can show up on metal detectors, which is generally required by law. The gun has both 6 (reinforced nylon) and 8 shot (ABS plastic) cylinders.

Read more: popsci.com

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