Mass Shooting Ignored by Media Because it Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative

This past weekend a mass shooting occurred at a church in Tennessee. Why haven’t you heard about it? Probably due to the facts surrounding the case which includes: a Sudanese immigrant, a black man, murdering a white mother of two and wounding six others.

The media opted to cover the NFL protests instead.

The shooter, Emanuel Kidega Samson of Sudan, murdered Melanie Smith in the parking lot. After killing the 39yr-old mother, Samson entered the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ and proceeded to shoot.

An usher in the church, 22yr-old Caleb Engle, was able to stop Samson after he accidentally shot himself. The usher was able to get his gun from his car and stand guard over the shooter until authorities showed up.

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Plenty of issues to comment on there, but lets focus on why the media sucks, right now.

Matt Walsh commented on The Blaze:

Maybe you read about this story on page 14 of the newspaper. I’m not exaggerating, either. The New York Times put this mass shooting on page 14. The front page was dominated by athletes kneeling. Or perhaps you heard it mentioned in a 12-second blurb at the end of a cable newscast last night. I flipped through a few different channels and didn’t hear it even mentioned one time, but maybe they got around to it. Of course, in a 60-minute broadcast they had to allot at least 59 minutes to cataloging the posture of NFL players. If you managed to sit through all of that, you may have heard the “P.S. There was a mass shooting at a church today okay that’s all goodnight” at the end.

Walsh also noted:

The church shooting does no favors to the liberal narrative, so it must be ignored. The shooter was black. He’s a Sudanese immigrant. He killed a white woman. He was stopped by a good guy with a gun. If the races were switched and you removed the pesky pro-Second Amendment element of the story, perhaps it may have fighting chance to compete with choreographed protests in professional sports for airtime.

It is true. Any other mass shooting incident would have taken president over the NFL story.

This proves how low our media has stooped to push their narratives. What happened to reporting the news, because it is real news?

Walsh concluded: “In case you’re wondering, media: This why people despise you.”

No disagreement, Walsh.


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