USA Today Warns Americans to Beware Of AR-15 Armed With Chainsaws, No Joke [WATCH]

USA Today dropped a golden nugget on Americans today, warning them of the dangers of an AR-15 rifle that could be armed with a chainsaw.

They’re attempting to scare every person on the planet of the AR-15 rifles and paint them as monstrous machines after the tragic mass shooting at the Texas church.

USA Today released their scare-tactic video in a tweet: “A look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting.”


Now, anyone with a lick of commonsense, fan of guns or not, should be able to tell this would never work.

The video specified several modifications and accessories. They are completely novelty items and are NOT common adjustments to that the AR-15 rifles; like adding a 12-gauge shotgun to the AR-15 frame.

‘Modifications like a 12-gauge shotgun or a chainsaw (which no one uses, and are sold virtually nowhere) are expensive and add a significant amount of weight to the rifle, making it nearly unusable for many recreational shooters,’ reports the Daily Wire.

Luckily instead of injecting fear into Americans, USA Today was hammered with ruthless mockery:



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