4yr-Old Shot in Gun Controlled Chicago, Along with 29 Others

The argument for gun-control is that it is far too easy for the wrong people to have a gun in their possession; if it is controlled who gets a gun, then crime will go down. Chicago is the epicenter for the gun-control push, yet their gun-violence crimes are some of the highest in the nation.

This past weekend is just one example. There were among 29 people shot in the city and of those wounded was a 4yr-old boy.

The young boy was caught in targeted shooting that left one adult female dead and a teen male injured, Chicago 5 reports.

The cause for the crime is being investigated, but the teen has ‘gang affiliation’.

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The woman, 27, was “shot in the head”, later pronounced dead at the hospital; while the teen male, 19, was wounded in the left arm and is in ‘good standing’. The little boy was shot in the arm also and treated at the hospital.

The shooting occurred around 5:19 pm Friday. It marked gun-controlled Chicago’s first homicide of the weekend.

On July 29 Breitbart News reported that Chicago exceeded 400 homicides this year, placing the city on track to tie or surpass the nearly 800 homicides witnessed last year. The Chicago Tribune reported that it was only four years ago that “Chicago didn’t record 400 homicides until just before Thanksgiving Day.”

Gun-controlled Chicago surpassed 1,000 shooting victims for the year before the month of April was over. Yet in the face of the dismal failure of gun control, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) response was more gun control.

On April 24 Breitbart News reported that Emanuel was pushing more controls on Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs). In other words, his response to gang and street crime is to punish gun dealers who attain a federal license to sell guns and who perform a background check for every gun they sell.

Note to Emanuel—criminals are not buying their guns from FFLs. A study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab shows that criminals in Chicago avoid buying guns anywhere that draws attention to the purchase.

This means they avoid gun show purchases, internet purchases, or purchases from licensed, brick & mortar gun stores. The Chicago-Tribune quoted crime lab co-director Harold Pollack, saying, “[The study shows] some of the pathways [regarding guns] people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant.”


Clearly, if you look at the statistics, gun-control does not work. If these people who are so insistent on placing their hands on our gun rights want real change with gun-violence, they should suggest gun owners be required to learn how to fight with their handguns.

Removing guns from the world is never going to happen… and if it did, there would be another weapon that takes the gun’s place. So why make the good guys defenseless?


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