5 Must-Know Skills for Shooting around Corners

barricadeshootingIn order to shoot around corners and barricades with the minimum amount of body exposure, these five things are absolutely essential to add to your tactical toolkit. These five things will allow shooters to perform well while standing and shooting strong-handed around either side of the barricade, wall or other structure, without having to switch to a non-dominant or weak side shooting position.

1.  Feet Close Together and Parallel with the Barricade

By keeping your feet close together, the risk of exposing a foot or a knee around a corner for a malefactor to shoot, declines. Feet should be flat with toes pointing at the wall or barricade. You may have a slight off-set between either the left or the right foot, but the shooter should be careful not go so far as to cant his/her entire body. If the body is canted, an improper and less effective pie-ing technique will occur. By keeping the feet in, the legs are kept in, allowing the shooter to pie out by leaning over the hips.

2.  Lean Over the Hips

Since the idea of pie-ing the corner is inevitably to see and get a shot on a target without exposing a lot of the body, leaning the torso over to the left or right will help. Many shooters have a tendency to lean backwards, putting them off balance. Instead, shooters should have an…


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