5 Need-to-Know Facts on Mother Who MURDERED Her Daughters

This woman stabbed, then brutally murdered her two daughters in their neighborhood street… right in front of her husband.

Here are five things to know about Friday’s fatal shooting in Katy, Texas:

1. Christy Sheats Had a History of Mental Illness

Police tell PEOPLE they had been called to the Sheats home prior to Friday’s violence, and that the killer mother allegedly had a history of mental illness.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office had been to Sheats’s home “for previous altercations” involving her “mental crisis,” a sheriff’s spokeswoman tells PEOPLE, declining to elaborate on those incidents.

2. Sheats’s Husband Begged Her Not To Shoot Their Children

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Police say the shooting happened on the birthday of Sheats’s husband, Jason, and that he was home at the time of the shooting. He ran for help when the bullets rang out, police say.

Eyewitnesses told police that Sheats’s husband tried pleading with his wife, begging her not to hurt their two daughters. “Don’t do this,” he’s alleged to have said to her. “They’re our kids,’” police say.

3. Sheats and Her Daughters Shared Warm Feelings on Social Media

In September, Christy made a posting on Facebook, recognizing “Daughter’s Day.”

“Happy Daughter’s Day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls,” she wrote. “I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know.”

On Mother’s Day three years ago, Taylor Sheats shared an old photo of her mother, calling her one of the biggest influences in her life.

“Mom, you are so selfless, as you always put our whole family before yourself and never ask for anything in return,” the post read. “You’re so kind and loving, as you always remind us of just how much you care and how proud you are of everything we do. You’re so intelligent and fun to be around because I feel like I can talk to you for forever now about anything.”

4. Sheats Posted Pro-Gun Opinions

On Facebook, Sheats describes herself as a Baptist and a conservative who cherished her second amendment rights to gun ownership.

5. Sheats Had Recently Reconciled With Her Husband

Neighbors told police the couple had recently reconciled following a brief separation. Police tell PEOPLE it isn’t clear how long the couple had split up for.

SHOCKING: Mom Who Killed Daughters Had History of ‘Mental Illness’


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