6-Year-Old ‘FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE’ After South Carolina School Shooting [VIDEO]

This is terrible. Pray for this little boy so that he can pull through. Thankfully a brave firefighter tackled the shooter to the ground. Otherwise there could have been a lot more bloodshed.

A 6-year-old boy is “fighting for his life” today after being critically wounded in the shooting at an elementary school in Townville, South Carolina, according to the city’s fire chief, who spoke at a news conference this afternoon.

Jacob Hall, a kindergarten student at Towville Elementary School, was shot in the leg by a suspected 14-year-old gunman who opened fire at the school’s outdoor playground during recess on Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

A “bullet ripped through little Jacob’s femoral artery,” a major artery located in the thigh, wrote South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons on his Facebook page Wednesday. Clemmons noted that Jacob was a nephew of “dear friends” of his.

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In a statement Thursday night, the boy’s family asked for prayers.

“Jacob is a very sick little boy and is fighting for his life. Due to the massive blood loss he has sustained a major brain injury,” the statement said. “Jacob is in very critical condition, and we are hanging on every second.

“Please continue to pray for Jacob and the other victims of this horrible, senseless act. Thank you all for respecting our family as we prepare for the days ahead.”

The state representative added in an update today that the “shot that severed Jacob’s femoral artery required immediate chest surgery to staunch the blood flow.”


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