8 YEAR HIGH: Crime is up 30% in 5 Years in NY Public Housing

New York News
Some of the mayoral candidates, including the current mayor spent a night in the Lincoln housing projects, vowing to make conditions better for the residents

It’s a fine line between life and death at Harlem’s Lincoln Houses even on a sunny Sunday, the teens hang out and talk with their friends. But instead of dreaming about the future, 17 year old K’shonna Johnson says they worry about staying alive.

“Just to see people I know passed away….I hear a lot of gun shots, violence due to drugs” the teen told us.

The NYPD says that that crime in public housing developments over the last 5 years is up by 30%. That’s a rate 10 times higher than the rest of the city. But that stunning number may not tell the whole story.

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Reports of domestic violence assaults have risen due to awareness campaigns.

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