90,000 Christians Killed Because of Faith and Joy Behar Decides to Mock Them [VIDEO]

In 2016 more than 90,000 Christians were murdered for their faith around the globe, making them the most persecuted religious group in the 2017 report by Center for Studies on New Religions.

This Thursday, the ABC show ‘The View’ discussed the ‘war on Christmas’ claiming it is not real and just hype from certain media outlets.


“[Trump] insisted to his supporters that Americans would be saying Merry Christmas again, despite the fact that nobody ever stopped saying Merry Christmas,” Whoopi Goldberg began. “So I wonder what he thinks about his daughter’s tweet wishing everyone ‘Happy Holidays.’”

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“I don’t interject myself into the War on Christmas because I think it’s gravely overblown,” Meghan McCain said. “I’ve never said ‘Merry Christmas’ to anyone ever and they’ve been offended. I don’t think that’s something that exists.”

Sunny Hostin also said she didn’t “understand the War on Christmas thing.”

Goldberg chimed in again: “There is no war, that’s the thing.”

Joy Behar then showed how far her head is stuck up her a** and said, “It seems like Fox News likes to push this because they’re very — they’re victims, like I’m a Christian and I’m a victim.”

Ironically, “The View” has previously bleeped out Jesus’ name twice on their show, which certainly proves a culture war.

Now, while some Westerners don’t feel that there is an actual ‘war on Christmas’ they fail to realize the root of the problem, Christians are killed more than any other religion because of their beliefs. That isn’t a war on a holiday, that is a religious war.

So Behar, your mocking statement ‘I’m a Christian and I’m a victim,’ has a real truth to it and you, being a Jew, should sympathize more than anyone else on the persecution of Christians.

Unless you are for a holocaust of Christians.



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