911 OPERATOR NOT ‘ALL THAT CONCERNED’: When Passenger Called to Report Uber Driver Who Went on Killing Spree

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.33.02 AMMy how this operator’s ‘feelers’ are way off. If only they were more perceptive of the situation, a couple of lives could have been saved.

Before he allegedly went on a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, people were concerned about Uber driver Jason Dalton.

Dalton is believed to have killed at six people and injured three others in a series of apparently random shootings in Kalamazoo on Saturday night. But at least one of his riders earlier in the day saw warning signs that Dalton was unstable.

In a Facebook post, Kalamazoo resident Mackenzie Waite wrote that she was concerned about an Uber driver who had picked up her fiancé and was “driving erratically.” Waite said she called 911 to report the driver, but she was surprised that the operator “didn’t seem all that concerned.”

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In the post, which is now private but has been screen-grabbed and widely shared, Waite described the driver as a man named Jason and detailed how her fiancé had allegedly been a passenger in his vehicle.

“A little bit ago, my fiance got a ride with I’m and he was driving VERY erratically. They sideswiped a car blowing through the stop sign at Henderson castle and West Main Hill, and the driver continued driving.”

“Despite Matt pleading with this driver to pull over he refused. Finally when he slowed down the vehicle, Matt was able to get out.”

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