A Creative Solution to the Gun Debate

gun debateWe got an email this week from a 2nd amendment-loving citizen who started a White House petition. The people behind this petition came up with the idea to stop criminals with guns by creating legislation that would sentence felons, convicted with guns, to automatic life in prison. The petition’s creator said, “Take guns from criminals instead of lawful citizens.”

Sounds a little crazy, right? When I first read that, I thought. Ok, ok, I see your point, but no one will go for that. After the idea floated around in my brain a little bit, I wondered just why this idea sounded so crazy. Surely, it isn’t crazier than gun control advocates who look at gun violence and honestly think that the wise solution is to take guns away from the people who don’t even ever have a plan to use them unless attacked.

This prison for felons idea is NOT crazy. It’s logical. I wonder how many people will have the reaction that I did when I first read about it and shy away from signing it, thinking, “That’s just crazy. It would never pass.”

I think it sounds crazy just because we’ve never heard it before. It’s extreme. But, think…

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