A Good Ol’ Texas Time

For those of you who do not hunt, there are many aspects of a hunting trip that influence its success: the weather, the beasts, the weapons, the land and the people.

In this particular Purple Heart Hunt I participated in, all these different elements of the hunt formed together beautifully. It was a picturesque trip. There was the gorgeous hill country of central Texas, the amazing ranches we hunted on, along with perfect weather conditions — it’s hard to get any better! The deer were up and running; bucks trailing does, does running from bucks, bucks chasing off other bucks … they were everywhere!

The best thing about this trip though, which really touched my heart, was seeing fellow Americans taking care of their soldiers. The generosity and kindness these people showed towards these two heroes, Bob Ehrig and Stacy Pearsall, was refreshing to see. First there were the land owners, Phil Mason with the Mason Ranch and Roy Burns with the Burns Ranch. Both men, along with their wives, opened up their homes, kitchens and ranches to fully entertain our Purple Heart recipients and everyone else who contributed to the hunt. This is world class game we are hunting too, not some emancipated swamp-rat animal whose been inbred far to many times to count; I’m talking world class, big, bad boy, bucks! All of which was given to our soldiers for their services.

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Then you have the guides from Main Frame Outfitters, who took everyone out on their hunts. These men not only provided excellent cervices for guiding, which were able to get everyone on a buck, but they also brought a great spirit to camp, with their Texas charm and their campfire B.S., making the trip even more enjoyable.

Being able to hunt and share stories with Bob and Stacy, without a doubt, made this a trip of a lifetime; I was lucky enough just to be a part of this hunt. Giving back to our soldiers, I believe, is a very important thing to do; it is the least us Americans can do to show our appreciation to these freedom protectors. Getting involved with the Purple Heart Hunt foundation, established by Wayne Woods, has been a great experience.

Please notify Wayne Woods at www.woods-outfitting.com if you know of any Purple Heart recipients who would like to hunt or if you would some how like to contribute to the cause.


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