A QUIET 4TH OF JULY? Fireworks Could Cause Problems for Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

fireworksKaren Smothers of Pawnee Mental Health Services says if you live by veterans with PTSD, just let them know you are going to be shooting off fireworks.

The fireworks we all look forward to on the Fourth of July may be deeply disturbing to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Army veteran Matthew Burany told KSNT the sounds of exploding fireworks take him back to the deserts of Iraq.

“Any loud noise, any flashes, would easily make me jump and somewhat crouch down,” Burany told KSNT.

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More than half of all men and women will experience a trauma in their lives that can result in PTSD, Karen Smothers of Pawnee Mental Health Services explained to KSNT.

“All of your senses work to help retain memory,” Smothers told KSNT. “When those get activated, sometimes because of trauma, it can bring back a very scary memory.”

She said as many as one in five veterans have problems with PTSD.

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