A Stacked Deck Just Won’t Cut It

cardpileLet me get this straight…on January 16th, 2013 the Imam of Hopeychangistan decided to engage in a little political 23 Card Monty replete with smartly smocked cherubs surrounding him as a human shield of political correctness while plainly showing his hand and  the cards he has hidden up his sleeves to demonize 52 million law-abiding Americans for the aberrant acts of a handful of NEA approved drug-addled psychopaths?

One shouldn’t play “Washington Hold ‘em” with the 2nd Amendment, Bath House Barry. Right thinking Americans will see your 23 Executive orders and raise you 10 Amendments. If you call our hand with bans and confiscation, we are more than capable of raising you with armed insurrection. Don’t think that will happen? King George tried that same jack wagon stunt of gun confiscation on April 19th 1775 which resulted in the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

How’d that turn out for ol’ King George? Oh yeah…he lost…big time.

And he was a king. You ain’t there yet Mr President. Not by a pedantic pedigree at least. Stop believing your own press clippings. That’s how Hitler wound up in a BBQ pit outside of his bunker.

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Meanwhile, Captain Confiscation, you have that prissy joker-faced Limey sychophant Piers Morgan pretending he’s a hand-wringing Tory while polluting the airwaves with his tabloid-style hand wringing like the Queen of Hearts over American rights to do your dirty work in the MSM in a fetid attempt to try to save us from ourselves? Dude, even uber-liberal hack Larry King whose time slot Piers Morgan took over thinks that he is too much of a self-absorbed me-monkey.



But just so my readership doesn’t think I’m just some cordite-poisoned gun freak [ok, guilty as charged], let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Take some of these historical tidbits to your well-meaning politically correct liberal friends and ask them if they think that “…gun control is a good thing…” then remind them how that turned out for the American Indians.

The American Indians, after we took their guns, have been living under proto-Obamacare since we parked them in “government housing” in the 19th century. There are no Starbucks or Prius’s there either. None of them were invited to Obama’s inaugural balls as the First Moocher spent all the travel money on their $20 million victory vacation to Hawaii. Think of the Indians as “…paying their fair share…”

Ask latte liberals how well it went for the the Indians at Wounded Knee when they folded their cards under a barrage of the US Cavalry’s Hotchkiss guns in 1890. Effete liberalistas can hardly get worked up into a yoga and tofu tizzy over two dozen innocents killed by a drugged up Goth boy when 297 people [over 200 women and children] were slaughtered by the government after the Indians said “Uncus!”, if I may quote James Fennimore Cooper.


Is it an inconvenient truth that 47% of the country does not “…pay their fair share…” in taxes yet by an odd coincidence, according to a 2011 Gallup poll, that 47% of American households have at least one firearm? A food stamp debit card doesn’t stop a Bushmaster even if it has a post ban 10 round magazine. It just means one must reload more frequently. Just sayin’…

Do the math.


Other math-y things that seem to escape the anti-gun social progtard bedwetting clique? In 2010 it was reported that there were an estimated 21.8 million  hunters in the US. Meanwhile there is only a total US military complement of all 5 services that is just north of 3.2 million. If one adds the total US law enforcement complement of 1.2 million extra belly buttons, it appears that the government doesn’t have enough table stakes to play in the gun enforcement/ban/confiscation reindeer games let alone stay in the game for very long.

Try this scenario just for fun.

Everybody on both sides gets one bullet each. If I were the US-Gummint-El-Supremo-Commander-of-All-the-Cannon-Fodder-I-Oversee, would I want to face 21.8 million bullets against against my piddly 4.4 million bullets? But let’s assume for a moment you are not as smart as Rachel Maddow and PMSNBC’s press choir think you are and you intone, “But I have tanks and aircraft carriers and NUKES, fer crissakes! You will obey!”. OK…how effective is an aircraft carrier targeting Nebraska, Slick?

More to the point, how many desertions from your side can you survive until you are standing there all by your pretty lonesome? The military oath is to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. You, El Supremo Commander are not the Constitution. While this country has never seen a “Night of the Generals” in its history, there is always a first time for everything.

But let’s ramp back for a moment of clarity as a rant can be just a rant even if there are some salient facts contained therein at the expense of the other guy’s political ego. Is it possible for a socio-fascist ruler, hell bent on being the next coming of Mussolini, [and remember that Mussolini was a real popular guy…he was Time’s Man of the Year too, if memory serves] to overthrow the Constitution if he can’t even get the trains to run on time or get the post office to deliver a 1st class letter at a profit?

If you can’t find 15 million illegal aliens roaming around with an Illinois drivers license in their pocket then how are you going to find 300 million guns that were magically “lost” by their owners? “Yup, I gave my AR-15 to a fat homeless guy in New Jersey. His name was Chris Christie.”

You are not the only one who can deal from the bottom of the deck, Mr President.


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