A Walking Contradiction: Obama Repeatedly Claims, and then Denies, That Iraq Departure Was His Idea [Video]

Editor’s Note: If there is one thing we can rely on our president for, it is to completely contradict himself over and over again.

President Obama has made a career of pouncing on opportunities while skillfully dodging accountability. The economy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal- none of if, according to Obama, was his fault. When it came to killing Osama Bin Laden (after we discovered his whereabouts using interrogation techniques abhorred by the left), one would have thought Barack pulled the trigger himself in Pakistan based on how he spiked the football.

When it comes to Iraq, Obama has been a walking contradiction. He promised the left that if elected, he would end the war in Iraq in his first term. He failed.

Then, when it came time to remove troops, though common sense demanded otherwise, Obama announced the departure and promptly removed our troops to allow Iraq to be overrun by terrorists. He failed.

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Now, with Iraq in shambles and Obama to blame, President Obama has begun to duck and dodge accountability once again and even asserted that it wasn’t “his decision” to remove troops.

As a matter of fact, that is precisely what a Commander-in-Chief does.

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