ALL ABOARD THE #TrumpTrain: Trump Has SPECTACULAR Turnout at Tuesday’s Rally – Hillary Not So Much…

694940094001_5138139074001_which-candidate-has-a-better-plan-to-improve-race-relatTrump’s support just keeps growing. He filled the venue to the max Tuesday and had to turn 12,000 supporters away because they wouldn’t fit! Now that’s what you call a turnout. Hillary on the other hand…well, she probably couldn’t even fill a high school gym.

Enthusiasm for Donald Trump has continued to grow throughout his presidential campaign, as high rally attendees vastly outnumber Hillary Clinton supporters.

At his rally Tuesday night in Melbourne, Fla., Republican nominee Donald Trump had to turn away over 12,000 supporters after the crowd had reached maximum capacity.

Trump enthusiastically thanked his supporters on his Twitter page.

Conversely, Clinton had barely 400 people at her rally Tuesday in Raleigh, N.C.

In fact, Trump turned away in one day the same total number of supporters Clinton has had at all of her rallies since Aug. 1.

Clinton has struggled to draw much support at her rallies, with some accusing her campaign and the media of spreading altered photos in an attempt to bolster public perception.

Perspective has certainly played a hand in this campaign, and people have noted the discrepancy in how the media covers each candidate’s rallies.

Many Twitter users have pointed out a difference between photos of Trump’s rallies and those of Clinton’s, with most photos from Clinton rallies display a close-up of the candidate to hide the low turnouts.

Clinton also raised eyebrows recently when she cancelled a rally in Ohio. Her campaign cited a scheduling issue, but some alleged that it was due to poor attendance.


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