Accusation: Filthy Filner Sexually Harassed Female Veterans Who Were Raped in the Military

filnerIf this isn’t the definition of scumbag, I’m not sure what is.

CNN reported (while failing to mention he’s a Democrat) yesterday Democratic Mayor of San Diego Bob Filthy Filner has been accused by at least eight female veterans of inappropriate sexual conduct during his time as a Congressman.

The worst part? These same women were victims of sexual assault in the military before Filner got to them… the chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

They are also among at least eight female veterans and members of the National Women’s Veterans Association of America (NWVAA) in San Diego who have made accusations against the mayor. Almost all of the women say they were victims of sexual assault while they were in the military.

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The women, like Fernandez, say the former chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee used his significant power and credentials to access military sexual assault survivors, who they say are less likely to complain.



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