Actor and ex-Obama official Kal Penn blasted for ‘stop and frisk’ support

kpActor and former Obama administration official Kal Penn recently voiced support for New York City’s “stop and frisk” laws via Twitter — then faced swift backlash and cries of racism from his own fans.

“Great op/ed by @MikeBloomberg on the merits of “stop-question-frisk,” Penn tweeted. Shortly afterward, his followers began questioning his judgment.

In response to one fan, he wrote: “It’s a good policy. Sad to see such activist judges ruling against public safety.”

One individual asked why he believed the laws were sound policy, given how such laws affect blacks and Hispanics. His response, captured by website the Aerogram: “Who, sadly, commits & are victims of the most crimes?”

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The actor insinuated that his support for the laws was partly due to personal experience. He said he was the victim of a violent crime years ago, mentioning …


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