Actress Patricia Arquette Tweets ‘Gun Control’ Message, Trump Jr. Points Out the Irony

Patricia Arquette, the champion of ‘equal pay’, has recently sounded off on the gun control issue; a hot topic after the Vegas shooting. However, what Arquette thought was an argument against the second amendment was the exact opposite.

This little mistake made us giggle.

Her attempt to ‘make the case’ for gun control, made the case for gun rights instead. It’s not certain what point Arquette was really trying to make here; but any damage she hoped to inflict on the second amendment didn’t work.

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Thank you Captain Obvious! It seems Arquette is of the belief all gun owners think they have the ‘right to be trigger happy’ and shoot whomever they please.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the irony. Her argument, being completely sound, is actually what most Republicans believe.

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