Skip Coryell – It’s July 4th, so I celebrated my independence by weeding the garden. At least I can be free from hunger this year.

As I was working in the dirt and the hot sun, I heard my cell phone vibrate in my pocket, so I took it out and checked the email. (I’m an email junkie.) I was surprised to see a message from Adam Kokesh, the man who announced a peaceful, armed march on Washington DC way back in May.

Then he was arrested by the federal government and spent several days in a federal detention center in Philadelphia before being released. (It was probably just a coincidence. Lol )  Originally charged with a felony for striking a federal officer and for resisting arrest, the charges were reduced from felonies to civil infractions.

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It’s important to note I viewed the vieotapes of the arrest and no such felonies occurred. It appeared to me Adam was being arrested illegally. In his own words, “I was arrested for illegal use of a microphone.”

Sitting in the dirt, I read the following email:

“Can you count the felonies committed in this video? No, you can’t possibly count them all.”

There was also a URL link to a Youtube video. I tried to load it up on my Iphone, but I live in the boondocks and my cell service sucks. So I picked myself up and went into the house to view it on my laptop.

I smiled in surprise as I watched Adam Kokesh on a busy Washington DC street with the silhouette of the Capitol building behind him. I could hear lots of traffic in the background, and Adam was holding a large, twelve gauge pump shotgun about chest level. And then he spoke while loading the shotgun one round at a time.

“We will not be silent!

We will not obey!

We will not allow the government to destroy our humanity!

We are the final American revolution!

See you next Independence Day!”


Wow! In my last article I made the following statement:

“Adam Kokesh has balls you could shoot through a cannon, and I have to respect that. He believes vehemently in his cause and is willing to go to prison for it.”

a grenade?? really?


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