ADORABLE: This Little Girl is SHOOTING Her First Deer And It’s HILARIOUS

A child after my own heart!

Little 7-year old Lilly Klapper went viral on Facebook when dad, Cody Klapper initially posted this video.

Just watch how excited she is!

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A seven-year-old Texas girl has become something of an online celebrity after her father posted a video of her shooting a large hunting rifle by herself and taking down an adult deer.

Lilly Klapper lives in Jacksboro – northwest of Fort Worth – with her parents and little brother. She is in the second grade…

…In a video posted to the page on Monday that quickly went viral, tiny Lilly is seen shooting her first deer with an AR-15 rifle, which appears to be about twice the size of her.

Klapper says his daughter has practiced shooting ever since she was just five.

The proud father says he recently felt Lilly was prepared to shoot her first deer and wanted to capture the milestone on camera, Fox 4 News reported.

‘We have a passion for the outdoors, and (the video) was primarily intended to be for family and friends,’ Klapper told the station.

‘But now that it has had 1.4 million views, I hope that it inspires other parents to get their children into the outdoors.’

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Klapper has set up a Facebook page for Lilly’s shooting and hunting prowess.

Check it out here at Lilly Pad’s Outdoors. There are some awesome photos and vids to check out!

Here is Lilly with her deer:


Here she is with deer, gun and her little brother:


That’s some well spent family time!

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