AFTER TWO DAYS: Republicans are ALREADY Folding on Scalia Replacement

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.55.48 PMWeak leaders… all that needs to be said. Let’s hope Ted Cruz pulls through on his promise to filibuster.

RUSH: You know, the situation Obama out there blasting the Republicans for threatening to block his Supreme Court nominee? He says it goes against the Constitution.  I can’t go through a day without just blowing up and at the same time laughing at it. You talk about hypocrisy, the hypocrisy of Obama, Chuck Schumer, all these guys on Supreme Court nominees? It’s blatant, in your face.  They know it’s not gonna come back and bite them.

They know the hypocrisy charge, even if it sticks, is never gonna harm them.  But with Obama saying opposing his nominee goes against the Constitution — which, of course, it doesn’t. But the real question is: Why should Obama be so concerned about what the Constitution says about appointing someone to the Supreme Court when he doesn’t want whoever he appoints to follow the Constitution anyway?

He’s gonna find somebody who’s gonna rewrite the Constitution.  That’s his criteria.  He’s gonna find somebody who will make law from the bench, like John Roberts has been doing, not somebody who’s gonna interpret the Constitution.  So what does he care what the Constitution says?  As far as that is concerned, he doesn’t care what the Constitution says anyway when it comes to things that he wants.  Ever heard of executive orders? Executive actions?

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RUSH: Now, I remember. It was shortly after we learned of the death of Justice Scalia, it didn’t take but minutes for the politics of his replacement discussion to get going. And Mitch McConnell put out this statement, said that the president should not make an appointment and should not have the right, opportunity, whatever, in a lame duck year like this. And I had a lot of people on Saturday, “See what Mitch did, man, that was great, Mitch came out there, Mitch really hammered them.” On the golf course Sunday, a friend, “Did you see what Mitch did, Mitch really hammered them.” I said, “Wait a minute, Mitch didn’t hammer anybody. Mitch said ‘should.’ He didn’t say ‘would not’; he said ‘should not.’ There’s wiggle room there.”

“No, no, Rush, you’re –” both my friends on Saturday and Sunday on the golf course, “You’re misinterpreting this. I’m not reading it the way you are, Rush.” You see, folks, in my world I’m never right. In my personal world I am never right. It’s a badge of honor to show me to be wrong. My life is a perpetual never ending competition. My personal life. I’m telling these guys, “You are replacing your intelligence with hope. You hope that Mitch is gonna hammer ’em. You hope the Republicans are gonna hang in there. But what is the experience we’ve got over the last seven years?” Well, it didn’t take long.

We now have Chuck Grassley (paraphrased), “Whoa, I’m rethinking this. Maybe we will conduct hearings.” And then Mel Tillis… (Nope, I take it back. That’s the country singer.) Thom Tillis, North Carolina. (paraphrased) “Oh, I think we don’t want to look like obstructionists.” And there it is, folks! There it is! (paraphrased) “We don’t want to look like obstructionists.” That’s translated: “We have to cross the aisle on this. We have to show the people we can help make Washington work.

“It will harm us if we are the agents of gridlock, and the government is not working.” So when Tillis said, “We can’t appear to be obstructionist,” that means this firm, “There’s no way” lasted about a day. And now we’re to the possibility of hearings. And now it’s all, “If Obama nominates a moderate…” Even Obama said he’s not gonna nominate a moderate! Somebody in the Drive-Bys went and asked Obama, “The Republicans say they might be willing to work with you if you no time a moderate.”

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