‘AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY’: Obama’s Military Spells out Their Plan of Attack on TV

Are they expecting the Islamic State to meet them for tea time too?

Retired Gen. Thomas McInerney said the United States is “aiding and abetting the enemy” by announcing it is training 20,000 Iraqi troops to retake the city of Mosul this spring.

“It’s absolutely bewildering,” McInerney said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File.” “I do not understand why the president and the administration want to aid and abet the enemy.”

Host Megyn Kelly asked if it could be a strategy to get the enemy to retreat from Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

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McInerney admitted that is a possibility, but added the Islamic State (ISIS) has not been acting like it would leave Mosul.

“They’re going to stay probably, and it’s still going to expose our forces to a certain risk because they’re going to be doing a lot of defensive preparations,” he said. “All those kind of things that are going to make our troops more vulnerable.”

President Barack Obama has said repeatedly that America is not at war with Islam. He says calling ISIS Islamic or Muslim would play into their hands that they are fighting a holy war and they would use it in their recruitment efforts.

“That’s why I disagree with him,” McInerney said. “When he doesn’t know the threat he’s fighting, radical Islam, that’s why he and his State Department spokesman talk about jobs and talk about all this soft-power type stuff.”

McInerney said the troops he talks with are astonished that their commander in chief does not appear to know what the threat is.

“Look, when a mother convinces a 12-year-old son to be a shahid, a martyr, and blow himself up and kill 200 innocent women and children, getting him a job is not going to deter him from doing that. You have got to go and address the ideological problem.”

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