AIR FORCE VETERAN: Thrown Out of Ceremony for Reciting Dedication to…

Our service men are punished for being patriotic… makes sense.

What began as a dignified affair quickly turned into an embarrassing scene after a retired Air Force official was forcibly ejected from his colleague’s retiree ceremony.

The event was being held at Travis Air Force Base in California for Master Sergeant Chuck Roberson of the 749th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

But the service was interrupted when Retired Senior Master Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez was forcibly ejected from the stage as he began to read out a statement honoring the American Flag to the audience.

However, the recital was not a part of the usual procedure at retirement ceremonies and Rodriguez was told to stop.

A video that captured the incident shows two men in camouflage uniform approach Rodriguez and say something quietly, but he appears not to respond.

As the American flag is unfurled next to him on stage he begins is statement: ‘Our flag is known as the stars and stripes. A union consists of white stars and a blue field above it.

‘Each star represents one individual state. together they stand united in the visible.’

But as he does the two men push him off stage while he continues to shout out the words, he is eventually pushed out of the room, but his shouts can still be heard in the distance.


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