AIRLINE TROUBLE: Customer Goes on ATTACK Against Pilot, Was He Out of Line?

We’ve all seen what happened on the United airline flight.

Turns out there was a back story to that.

Now we have a case where the customer is going on attack against the airline!

It seems this battle will never end.

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The American Airlines flight was from Dallas to Kansas City International Airport.

Passenger Edward Foster, 49, had just landed at the airport on April 12 when he took offense with a pilot – who had not been flying the plane and was traveling in the cabin.

For some reason Edward wanted a photo of the pilots badge. In the process of trying to get that image the pilot knocked Foster’s phone from his hand.

That is when shit hit the fan.

A police report about the incident states Foster was furious at the pilot for allegedly being inconsiderate and ‘taking up too much room’ in the aisle of the plane.

According to the same report the pilot ‘suffered’ cuts and bruises.

He was able to escape Edward by running out to the curb, where his wife was waiting to pick him up.

Furious Foster has been charged with assault and his due in court on May 16.

Were his actions out of line?

Was it necessary for the pilot to file charges?



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