AL-QAEDA: Just Published a ‘Kill List’ on Anniversary of 9/11 and You Won’t Believe Who They are Targeting

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.22.52 AMThis is a terror threat on so many levels. If any of these people come to harm it also threatens the economic revival of the US.

Al-Qaeda’s extremist magazine has published a ‘kill list’ of U.S. super-rich as targets for lone-wolf terrorist attacks, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

The terror group’s drive to inspire a series of attacks on America’s economic leaders comes in the lead up to the 14th anniversary of the 2001 World Trade Center attack.

Others on the list, published by propaganda magazine Inspire, include Michael Bloomberg, industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, internet guru Larry Ellison and casino boss Sheldon Adelson.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was also named, although not his successor Janet Yellen, as was Jim Walton, one of the heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune.

The list was illustrated was gruesome blood-spattered photos of several of the leaders, next to a dripping gun, according to NBC News.

Although several of the names on the list were mis-spelled, the message was clear: to terminate the ‘revival of the American Economy’.

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