ALERT: Supreme Court Rules on Voter ID Case, SHOCKING!

The election of Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court was supposed to help the conservative cause for America, but today it seems to be backfiring.

Voter ID laws are a huge party issue when it comes to electing representatives.

Democrats feel it should not be required, so illegal immigrants have the opportunity to vote, while Republicans have the opposite sentiments.

North Carolina passed a measure in 2013 which required voters to show their IDs at the polls. It also shortened the early-voting period and ended same-day registration. Such policy would help decrease the amount of voter fraud that could possibly occur.

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In April of 2016 there was a challenge to that law, but was struck down by a district court judge.

Several months after the challenge was knocked down, a panel of Democrat appointed judges in a circuit court of appeals reversed the decision. Their reasoning was: law was passed with the INTENT of discriminating based on race.

Now we are getting this news from the Supreme Court…

Today, per PoliticoChief Justice John Roberts issued an unusual statement Monday saying the high court’s decision not to wade into the case should not be taken as an indication of the justices’ views on the broader issues at stake. He suggested the high court’s decision not to wade into the case was because of the confusion over the newly-elected Democratic governor and attorney general’s efforts to have the state back out of the litigation and accept the 4th Circuit’s decision last year voiding the controversial measure.

Given the blizzard of filings over who is and who is not authorized to seek review in this Court under North Carolina law, it is important to recall our frequent admonition that ‘[t]he denial of a writ of certiorari imports no expression of opinion upon the merits of the case,’” Roberts wrote.

No justice publicly dissented from the court’s decision not to take the case or indicated whether he or she agreed with Roberts’ explanation of why the court was punting on this issue.

This would make any conservative ask WTF?!

No justice dissented… where the HELL was Gorsuch on this ruling; among other conservative justices.

Are they too afraid to make a stance right now?

Does the cry of ‘racism’ really scare them that much?!



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