ALERT: The VA Is Officially About to Be BANNED from Placing Veterans on ‘No Gun List’

This controversial bill, Veterans Second Amendment Act, passed the House by a 240-175 vote. It now heads to the Senate.

Here is the skinny on the bill from the opposers and defenders.

Veterans will now be prohibited from being placed on a no-gun list by the Department of Veteran Affairs, even if the VA considers the veteran to be suffering from mental illness, according to a controversial bill that just passed the House.

As reported by Stars & Stripes

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“It’s going to result in more deaths, more suicides of veterans throughout this nation,” retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly said Thursday on a call with reporters. “It weakens our background-check system and makes our country a less safe place.”

The bill’s defenders argue however that the criteria for classifying veterans as having a mental illness has nothing to do with whether he or she is capable of responsible gun-ownership, and is therefore robbing veterans of their Second Amendment rights without due process:

Under current law, the Department of Veterans Affairs considers veterans who cannot manage their VA benefits and need another person to help with their finances as “mentally incompetent.” The department reports the names of those veterans to the FBI, which adds them to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System – the national database that gun merchants are required to check before selling a firearm.


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