ALL IN THE FAMILY: Brother & Sister of New York Jihadist Might Be Just as Radical

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-7-22-22-pmKeeping it in the family, how sweet… Hopefully, they keep better track of the siblings.

This is the alleged New York and New Jersey bomber pictured during a trip he made to Pakistan – where law enforcement fear he was radicalized.

In the picture, Ahmad Rahami squats on a small stool in front of a sizzling grill of kebobs while his brother, Mohammad Khan Rahimi, attends to the meats.

Family affair: Ahmad Khan Rahami posted this image on social media shortly after the picture he posted of him and his brother enjoying kebobs in Pakistan. It is associated with jihadi groups

The tubby alleged bomber has a thick beard and is wearing traditional long, black robes with a skull cap and large scarf wrapped around his neck.

The brother he is with posted the picture in April 2013, during one of Rahami’s lengthy trips out of the U.S.

Days later Mohammad Khan Rahami posted a message linked to jihadi causes.

Mohammad Khan has not been arrested or charged and it is unclear if he is currently in the United States.

Enemy of America: The suspected New York and New Jersey bomber's sister Aziza - who called herself Masood Maymunah online - posted a message from Anwar al Waklaki, the notorious American preacher who was killed by a drone strike in Yemen on the orders of President Obama

Social media suggests that he had split his time between New Jersey and Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Detectives are now investigating if the New York and New Jersey bomber received terror training on his ‘radicalization’ trip to Pakistan.

The most recent posting he made suggests that, like Ahmad, he had started wearing traditional garb – something which a neighbor told the brothers had started doing recently.

Mohammad Khan Rahim’s Facebook account was deleted after his brother’s arrest.

Anti-democracy: Aziza, who called herself Masood Maymunah, also posted this picture, an adaptation of an Egyptian anti-government protest symbol, which contained a pro-jihadi message calling for an Islamic caliphate

Ahmad is currently awaiting questioning by the FBI and facing five attempted murder charges in New Jersey.

He had yet to be read his rights and had not been released from the hospital in New Jersey where he was taken after the shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey, on Monday in which he was captured.

The brothers are from a large family, with the father Mohammad Rahami said by a neighbor to have has many as 11 children.

Shared: Aziza, who called herself Masood Maymunah, shared the video from this Facebook group, which has posted ISIS propaganda, including this video it posted on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks

One of them, daughter Zobyedh, who is a public health student at nearby Rutgers University, posted a plea for privacy on social media on Monday, after her brother’s arrest.

One of their sisters, Aziza, who called herself Masood Maymunah on Facebook, also posted a pro-jihad message endorsing an ‘Islamic caliphate’ and saying ‘no to democracy’. She was addressed online by Mohammad Khan Rahami as ‘sis’.

It is an adaptation of a symbol commonly used during anti-government protests by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 2013, known as R4BIA, but with the addition of the messages which suggest support for al-Qaeda or ISIS.

ISIS claims to be a caliphate and had just begun its rise in 2013, but it is not clear that the adapted version of the R4BIA logo is pro-ISIS. It may also be pro al Qaeda.

Maymunah appears to have lived in Quetta, Pakistan with her husband and young children, although again it is unclear if she remains there.

Plea: The suspected bomber's sister issued this appeal on social media.


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