ALLEN WEST: Here’s the HUGE Lesson to be Learned from New Hampshire

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.59.09 AMDo you think Allen West is right on the money with his assessment of the NH results?

By Allen West

Ok, the first primary in the nation is now over with and we have two clear front-runners in both parties.

Donald Trump ran away with the GOP primary with 35 percent. He was followed by Ohio Governor John Kasich, and he was followed by Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio. I hope everyone remembers New Hampshire is an open primary meaning anyone can vote, regardless of party. It’s important to realize Independents were able to vote in either Democrat or Republican contests. Yes, Trump won this primary but there are two major stories from New Hampshire in the GOP contest.

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First, the incredible fade of Senator Marco Rubio. He appeared to have incredible momentum after his surprise close third place finish in Iowa. Then the young first-term Senator ran into a buzz saw at last Saturday’s GOP debate, and did not recover.

I saw a news clip of folks dressed as robots appearing outside the Rubio campaign headquarters in New Hampshire — that ain’t good. That was the lasting impression on the folks in New Hampshire as it seemed Sen. Rubio would be the alternative choice to Donald Trump and Sen. Cruz. It will be hard for him to pivot from this potential fifth-place finish in New Hampshire and reemerge in South Carolina.

The second story is that it was a race for the three governors for viability. New Hampshire was a place where they had to make a strong showing. And in the end, the gamble of Gov. Kasich paid off. He didn’t end up being the Rudy Giuliani of this cycle. Gov. Kasich’s second place finish will enable him to move onto South Carolina, but will he be able to recreate the ground game. which he so heavily invested in in the Granite State?

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