Allen West on ISIS: ‘Understanding the Ideology of the Enemy, we Need to Bring Back Flamethrowers’

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Preach it Allen!

Written by Allen West

This is one of those times when I just hate being right but we are at a critical inflection point when it comes to confronting ISIS.

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Here we are living in the 21st century dealing with a 7th century ideological enemy and most “leaders” are running around afraid to define this enemy as to whom it is.

Let us remember that ISIS is the rising deadly phoenix of a reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq — which had been defeated.

However, when you base national security on empty campaign promises and intransigent ideology combined with cowardly rhetoric, this is the end result.

No, I will not sugar coat this. A year ago, ISIS was referred to as a “jayvee” team by a president who barely attended 47 percent of his intelligence briefings — quite a different statistic from hitting the golf course.

A year ago ISIS had barely 3,000 fighters, today it commands vast swaths of territory and has a global recruitment network.

Yesterday we were once again we reminded of the savage barbarism and brutality of ISIS when it burned the Jordanian pilot alive.

And according to reports, this occurred back in January, meaning their hostage exchange negotiations for a female suicide bomber were never in good faith.

Today at dawn, Jordan executed the female suicide bomber and all ISIS combatants they held.

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