Allen West: Shame Jackson and Sharpton as the ‘Race Hustlers’ that they are

race hustlersThe following is a transcript from an interview Greta van Susteren did with Allen West about a school bus beating where three black teenagers attacked a younger white student.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Congressman, stand by because I want to talk about another topic with you, a brutal school bus beating caught on camera. Three 15-year-old African-American boys viciously attacking a younger white student, breaking his arm, giving him two black eyes. Now, the victim was only 13, and he was defenseless.

Now, the bus driver was suspending for doing very little, if anything, to help. But former congressman Allen West is pointing the finger at others he thinks should do more, the congressman telling Civil Rights activists Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, quote, “Y’all make me sick.” Is that what you said?

WEST: Well, absolutely. And I have to use my southern vernacular because, you know, where are their voices now, because what we just saw happen in that videotape is absolutely reprehensible. Here was a defenseless young — young fellow who was actually — reported these three gentlemen for selling drugs on the school property. Now…

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VAN SUSTEREN: That’s what led to the beating.

WEST: That’s what led to the beating. Now, my first question is, who told these three young boys that this was the person that reported them for the drugs being sold on that campus?

And another thing is that this was not their authorized bus to be on. So how were they able to get on that bus? So there’s some adult responsibility that was lacking with the school administration.

And now think about this. If you’re a young kid in this school and you see criminal behavior, you see some wrongdoing, are you going to report it, knowing what just happened to this young fellow?



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