AMAZING: Father Fulfills His Fallen Son’s Dreams by Turning Bullets Into Pens [WATCH]

Men and women have died fighting for this country. For our freedom. They had dreams just like the rest of us, but were never given a chance to make them a reality. One way to honor the fallen is to carry out their dreams in their name. And that’s exactly what this father did.

On the shooting range at Fort Carson, Memorial Day hits close to home for each soldier.

“I had three friends that got killed in Afghanistan,” said Sgt. Jason Anderson. “I want them to know it’s not just about a day off or a BBQ, but it’s actually to stop and think about what these people do and what these people did.”

“It’s not about us, it’s not about those that are considering to serve. It’s about those who have served and have paid that sacrifice,” said First Lt. Matthew Revels.

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However, what these soldiers don’t know is that in a small way they’re helping a dad fulfill his son’s dream.

“I’ve never been bored, I’ve never been – you know – I wish I was doing something else, it’s my calling,” said father Jeff Falkel.

It’s in Falkel’s basement where the snipper shell casings take on a new purpose.

“I think he’d be proud,” he said.

A gold star father, Falkel’s motivation proudly sits on the wall above him where he has a photo of his son up on the wall.

“He’s watching down on me,” said Falkel.

His son, staff sergeant Chris Falkel, was killed in 2005 during the 54-hour battle of Mari Ghar in Afghanistan.

This photo is the last one ever taken of Chris.

“He’s my son, like I say, it’s been almost 11 years and I miss him every day,” said Falkel.

Falkel’s bullet pens are available online.


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