Has America Become an Idiocracy?

dumbRush Limbaugh made an astounding statement following a past State of the Union sermon. Rush confessed that he hadn’t understood that America doesn’t connect The Lyin’ King or his policies with the ills besetting the nation.

Mr. Limbaugh arrived at his conclusion after watching a focus group, post presidential harangue. This group, like a majority of the nation, professed to hate the direction the country is taking yet loved the president’s speech. Mr. Limbaugh was stunned by this demonstration of “double-think.”

He concluded that the president always makes certain that he is never perceived as “governing.” He is solely focused on playacting at resisting the phantoms he creates, then blames, for the problems that inundate us.

The tribulations are never the president’s doing. Often, they aren’t even real. This has continued to be The Lyin’ King’s stock-in-trade. His every deceit is accepted as truth, despite his unwavering history of lying to us about everything, day in and day out. Mr. Limbaugh had dubbed the reasonThe Lyin’ King gets away with it “The Limbaugh Theorem.”

The source’s moniker has been widely publicized: “Low–information voters.” But such schizophrenic behavior by the president and the constituency is just the result. It isn’t so much what is happening as it is why it’s happening. The roots are four-fold :

  1. Common sense is anything but common. Every voluntary action a human being performs must be learned. A human being is not born with common sense. And logic must accompany common sense. Logic is a discipline based upon fact and evidence of whatsoever is true. Logic teaches one to think. Without it, “common sense” would still dictate that the earth is flat.
  2. Not that long ago an eighth grade education used to be tantamount to what is currently attained in college. Logic used to be a required subject in school. Not anymore. That isn’t an oversight. Bertrand Russell understood that 60 years ago: “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.” (Page 50 – The Intended Result of Education, c. 1952). Add to that re-writing history, eliminating charter schools, the degradation of our national culture and the abolition of achievement. The final nail in the coffin is, of course, the Common Core curriculum commencing at Kindergarten; an undisguised federal brainwashing module, passing itself off as “education.”
  3. The left is never required to prove anything. Leftists make statements and whatever they say, regardless of how unfounded, automatically assumes the stature of truth merely because they say it is so. The MSM and entertainment flacks ceaselessly regurgitate “right think.”Politicians tell us what they think we want to hear…until they get elected. Entire segments of the population are sent to Coventry if there is disagreement with anything a minority leader says or does. The left controls the narrative.
  4. Social Services, hijacked by the Left decades ago, has indoctrinated generations of Americans to rely upon the government and prefer it to individual achievement. A bloated government will continue to swell until it can no longer control the monster it has created. Nowhere in life is anything “equal” yet, we are being mandated to assume that everyone’s desires are exactly the same. True, the path of least resistance is natural to every life form. Statists, however, have spent decades insuring that this becomes a predominant trait. How better to guarantee solidify their power?
  5. Political Correctness comprises the fourth leg of the Trojan horse; when thinking is constrained thinking ceases to exist. Everything from eroding personal freedoms to the blind acceptance of any deviation as the norm is a byproduct of what is decreed permissible thought and what is not. If one disagrees with The-Unifier-in-Chief the offending party is automatically labeled a racist. The University of Wisconsin even teaches a course whose focus is that it is “an unfair advantage to be white.” No one questions who got to make that decision. We have hate crime. Hate crime outranks commonplace crime. Can one murder be of greater consequence than another murder? Still worse, statists cherry-pick who is exempt. Certain interest groups, we are told, are excepted from hate crime. Their status as minorities makes committing a hate crime impossible.

When logic, common sense and the ability to say what one thinks become irrelevant the ruling class is free to supply whatever “facts” they want Americans to believe. Our current reality is that facts no longer matter. Progressives have controlled education, social services and PC for nearly 100 years. “Low information voters” are created when only low information mentalities are deliberately nurtured; when indoctrination replaces education. When keeping score is no longer tolerated.

The left’s agenda may well be the destruction of our ability to think. Without it there is no rule of law. Everything becomes mutable. The Constitution becomes disposable. Without independent thought we are unable to protect ourselves. We simply become the pawns of whoever governs. Only carefully engineered ignorance could account for today’s notable, passive fall from grace.

It took America 100 years to get here; it will take generations to recover…if enough of the population can recognize what is really going on and has the will to fight back.


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