American Airlines Flight Bursts into Flames During Takeoff in Chicago

One thing you don’t want to happen when you’re on a plane is for it to burst into flames.

Video has been released showing firefighters responding to a horrifying scene of an American Airlines plane caught on fire.

Flight 383 from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was bound for Miami, but just before take off on October 28th the engine went ablaze.

NBC Chicago now has possession of the airport surveillance videos that captured the moment. You can see the pilots ground the plane immediately when fire and black smoke start billowing out of the engine.

The network also has dash-cam footage from the fire engines whom responded to the incident.

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Fire crews at the airport were immediately notified of the fire and started spraying the burning plane with foam as soon as it came to a stop on the tarmac.

The NTSB is still investigating what caused the plane to catch fire, but it’s believed that a fan disk in the right engine flew apart and severed a fuel line, which then ignited a fire.

Witnesses believe the plane would have exploded if the pilots had actually taken off.

Instead, the pilots brought the plane to a stop just 26 seconds after the fire started, getting down from a speed of 147 miles per hour.

The nine crew helped get all 161 passengers off the plane within two minutes and 21 seconds of coming to a stop.

During the incident few people were injured, but none directly related to the fire.

Hector Cardenas, a passenger on Flight 383, recorded the terror of the evacuation on his phone. You can see passengers pleading with others to leave the plane faster after it caught on fire.

‘Please let us out too,’ someone says, while passengers line up to use the escape chute slides.

‘F*****g go,’ one man screams. Another woman shrieks ‘Please,’ trying to reach the exit faster.

Cardenas then goes down the slide and lets out a scream as the passengers begin falling on top of each other before reaching the tarmac.

‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,’ Cardenas can be heard saying from behind the camera as he turns it on the plane, a massive cloud of black smoke filling the air.

Sarah Ahmed, one of the last people off the plane, said smoke began to seep into the passenger compartment and she could see flames up against the windows.

A month after the incident, 18 passengers filed a lawsuit, claiming their lives were put in danger because of the plane’s ‘unsafe construction’.

The lawsuit names American Airlines, aircraft manufacturer Boeing Inc. and engine manufacturer General Election Aviation.

The lawsuit claims GE sold a faulty engine that Chicago-based Boeing used to assemble an unsafe aircraft, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The passengers also claim American Airlines employees should have done a better job inspecting the plane.

They contend employees failed to provide ‘assistance, supervision and instruction’ during evacuation.

Daily Mail

American Airlines used to be the top airline in the country. Now with their continuous delayed flights and planes catching on fire, it is hard to believe this airline will last in the years to come; unless they make some MAJOR changes.


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