AMERICAN HORROR: Realtor Chained Up His Female Employee Like a DOG– Police On Hunt for 4 More Bodies

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-55-44-amThis is something right out of a horror movie. Ladies, please learn how to defend yourselves. There are terrible people out there. We all know it. And we have the power to not become their victims.

Police are desperately searching for the boyfriend of a woman who was found chained up in a large, locked metal storage container after being missing for more than two months.

Kala Brown, 30, was discovered on Thursday after deputies acting on a tip heard her banging from the inside of a container located on a property in Woodruff, South Carolina.

Brown went missing with her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, 32, on August 30 this year. Authorities are still searching for Carver.

They found his car on the property on Thursday night.

Helicopters were seen arriving on Friday morning to help with the search, while a backhoe was being used in nearby woods as part of the search.

It has also been revealed that cadaver dogs have signaled possible remains on the property.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright announced the grisly news during a press conference on Friday morning.

It comes after it was revealed the man who owns the property, Todd Kohlhepp, 45, is a registered sex offender, and has been arrested in connection with the incident, the sheriff said.

He is also a real estate agent, and Sheriff Wright said Brown worked for suspect.

Brown’s close friend, Leah Miller, confirmed the 30-year-old started working for Kohlhepp only weeks before she vanished.

She said Brown helped Kohlhepp clear and clean properties before he put them on the market, according to Greenville Online.

‘I was supposed to be helping Kala, but I recently had neck surgery,’ Miller said.

‘I’m just in shock, wondering if she tried to reach me to help her before she disappeared.’

Another friend, Lindsey Mayson, told WSPA the suspected kidnapper did not seem like a bad person when she met him.

‘We went by his house to get a key before we went by his house to clean. Didn’t seem like a person who would do anything to anybody. He seemed down to earth,’ Mayson said.

Earlier, Wright said Brown was ‘chained inside the container like a dog’ when police found her.

He said she told deputies she had been kept in the container – which measured 30 feet by 15 feet by 10 or 12 feet – for two months and had been fed regularly.


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