America’s Defenses: Half Naked and Severely Hindered?

wosShall I start with an understatement? Our government is out of control. We all know about the spying on the American people the administration has been doing, the AP reporters’ phone and e-mail records being requisitioned, and Sharyl Attkisson’s computer being hacked.

There’s rampant unemployment, thousands on Social Security disability (although a lot of it seems not really disabled), the government is advertising to get more people on food stamps while about 15% of Americans are receiving them!

The bad news? None of that is the worst part of this administration’s “out of control-ness”.

The worst part is that this administration is sending or has sent our troops to:

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How thinly spread must our military troops — the people themselves — be before they are totally ineffective?

Add to that thinly spread military the fact that this administration has or is:

(Considering all of this, why any of our heroic military men and women re-up, I have no idea.)

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” — George Washington, First Annual Address to Congress, January 8, 1790

The fact is that the U.S. military has been almost crippled by this administration.

With so many of our troops gone hither, thither and yon and those who remain at home having little to defend us with besides their own bodies and the few bullets the DHS and other admin departments haven’t snatched up (did you know that with all of the ammo this administration has on hand or ordered they have enough ammo to shoot each person in America at least ten times?), it’s no wonder China is surrounding us and North Korea’s little punk is beating his chest.

Al Qaeda is still a threat and Russia is making moves of aggression.

“Weakness provokes insult & injury while a condition to punish it often prevents it.” — Thomas Jefferson, To John Jay, August 23, 1785

The fallback position for most of us is that “We, The People” have the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”. True. But (as you all know), that’s under attack from this administration, too.

Some think greater numbers of us carry — or at least own — guns now than in the last ten years; it’s untrue, but some believe so.

But the number of recent purchases is at a record high: over 70 MILLION NICS checks since this administration took office.

That tells us a lot about the American people’s trust of this administration, but does it tell us anything about what we will do if needed?

I’ve had my concealed carry permit for quite a while now and have made up my mind that if the situation arises, I am going to be the person walking away from a confrontation.

My life is precious to me and I will not be taken down without a fight. How many others who have purchased guns have made that “I will survive, no matter what I have to do” decision?

Will you be capable of defending yourself, your neighbor, your children; even from foreign armies if our military men and women are not there to do so for you?

So where does that leave U.S. defenses? Considering what the current administration has done — by conscious effort and choice — are we half naked and severely hindered?


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