America’s Terrible Teens

terrible teensThe only way for things to go bad is for good people to do nothing but complain.  We are about to enter interesting times.  The old Chinese curse is upon us and frankly all I can do is smile.  The need for vision, focus, and determination is war drum calling to the already weary.  But we have not even entered into the war yet.  Americans only fear the battle incipient.

Still, conviction builds courage, and we are only now beginning to enter an era where we truly need to be courageous.  The trials ahead are times to rejoice since they also hold our opportunities for making a long-term impact on the heart of this nation.  We must decide which impact we will make.

As a person thinks in his heart, so is he.  America’s heart has turned towards a path that could provide trials for us all.  This nation’s adolescence is a time for us to learn self-control.  Progressives are driving us down this prickly path.  Down to each individual, modern Democrats cannot stand the torment of personal responsibility.

Democratic leaders have risen to the top of their parties specifically because they have no ability to understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work.  This trait makes it possible for them to sell the “nanny state” to America despite the fact that most people generally think that vision is a bad idea.

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We have offered no palatable substitute to compete with the flapdoodle they are selling.  This is only because virtue is such a touchy subject these days.  Discussion about self-control amongst adults is always uncomfortable.  If we cannot enter a conversation about self-control, we cannot even begin to discuss why we feel gay marriage is an issue.

Judge not lest ye be judged.  You might have heard hundreds of people say it when their behavior was protested.  This often-misunderstood verse is lorded over the heads of traditionalists and there is nothing much to be said after it has been uttered.  Conservatives arguing for the benefits of tradition and heritage need to know how to defend against these sorts of attacks.

The Bible never meant one could not judge the character of a person.  In fact the Bible is geared towards changing character.  Whether Christian or not, conservatives always pause at this argument for lack of understanding.  You can absolutely tell a person they are a danger to the community because the philosophy of their actions is a Darwinist or primal doctrine rather than a human one.

In this adolescent stage of America, there is a growing portion of the population that has no convictions at all.  We are a nation that has risen to success like a child star.  We were directing world affairs moments after our birth and now we are having identity issues.  Our conscience is being attacked and confused.

In reality, this is the obvious result of nearly four generations of Americans being raised by television and public school.  So what to do about it?  The need for vision, focus, and determination is a war drum calling.  Don’t be bogged down by hopelessness or helplessness.  We have the superior vision for the nation.

Our only failing is that we are unable to sell the message of individual responsibility or the value of being a virtuous people.  These terrible teens are, as most parents know, also great opportunities.  It will take the infiltration of the best and worst communities.  We need language that appeals to the adolescent ears of the country.

Conservatives will have to muster a Romanesque sense of pride in conservative and classical liberal ideas.  We must study them and build our strategies.  Pride in our ideas should be so that we cannot help sharing them.  Rather than simply stocking bunkers and preparing for the worst or swearing off politics altogether, be long suffering and patient.  Talk to people, more than they want you to.

Our teen years are about self-control, principles, virtue, and clear thinking.  If we can achieve these things during this tumultuous time, we will arrive into adulthood with a solid identity and a positive future.  It might be farfetched, but it is not impossible.


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