Amy Schumer Goes the Extra Mile to Mock ‘Gun Nuts’ in Her Latest Netflix Series — Will You be Boycotting it?

Amy Schumer is at it again, hitting out at people who love their Second Amendment rights. Reportedly, in her upcoming Netflix premiere The Leather Special, she’s going to mock “gun nuts” for opposing her gun control BS.

According to The Daily Beast, Schumer talks about gun control in her new special, then hedges her statements by saying “What I learned was, no matter what you say, as soon as you say the word ‘gun,’ what gun nuts hear is, ‘She wants to take all our guns!’”

What Schumer misses is that she has worked with her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to push expanded background checks because of the shooting, although the shooter passed a background check to get his gun. “Gun nuts” fail to see the sense in pushing to expand what already failed.

But Schumer tries to explain her calls for more background checks by pointing to the mental condition of the Lafayette shooter. She suggests that “even someone who is mentally ill and has been convicted of domestic violence can still obtain a firearm due to various background-check loopholes.” To be fair, this is not true. Individuals who are involuntarily committed for mental illness treatment are barred from buying guns–involuntarily commitment is a threshold that must be crossed. But the judge who handled John Russell Houser’s mental oversight– Carroll County Probate Judge Betty Cason–said she never ordered him involuntarily committed.


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