An Australian, a WWII veteran, Mexican women, and stickers – All Prove that Liberals Live in a Fantasy Land

fantasylandAn Australian, a WWII veteran, Mexican women, and stickers – how are these all connected? They prove that liberals live in a fantasy land and are the ones who are creating the world that makes it so easy for young people to commit murder.

The Australian, Christopher Lane was murdered by three evil men. After he was shot, I knew there would be the usual garbage about, “See, if we just made guns illegal…” The shooters already possessed the gun illegally and were underage, please explain to me again how another law would have worked when the laws they disobeyed didn’t stop them at all. I actually heard a liberal say, “If they didn’t have the gun, he would still be alive.” Really? Then why is WWII veteran Delbert Belton dead? He was BEAT TO DEATH! Evil people will always figure out a way to do what they want. They don’t need a gun.

Even Mayor McGinn of Seattle had to agree that nothing stops a bad guy from doing bad things. Of course, that doesn’t change his agenda, why let facts get in the way. He is encouraging store owners to put a pretty little sticker in their windows saying their shop is a gun-free zone. One shop owner actually said it would make her feel better walking out on the streets late at night knowing there were no guns out there. I can’t imagine how this woman is even intelligent enough to run a business with this kind of thinking. Putting a sticker on her window will take guns off the STREET?! However, on TV, McGinn admitted that if a bad person is going to commit a crime, a sign won’t stop them. So if these signs aren’t meant to keep the bad guys out of the stores, we can only assume that either the liberal shop owners prefer to live in a fantasy land, or that the stickers are meant to keep law-abiding citizens out. No problem, that’s what the free-market economy is about. I’m more than happy to spend my money elsewhere, where I’m not discriminated against.

Now take a look at the story recently about the Mexican women who have armed themselves against organized crime. They are using guns that were hidden from their government back in the 70’s. Liberals actually think that won’t happen here, that no on would hide their guns? And if guns were ever to be taken from every law-abiding citizen in America, liberals would still want police to be armed to protect them. Guns would still exist, guns would still be stolen from police, lost by police, sold by corrupt police, still exist in an even bigger black market. Liberal’s gun-free utopia can simply never exist. More fantasy-land thinking.

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While the murder of Christopher Lane brought the liberals out crying this is why we need to get rid of guns, it simply solidifies it even more in my mind that this is EXACTLY why I need to be carrying at all times. Because whether it is open season on whites or not, whether his or Belton’s murder were racist or not, I don’t care. I want to be prepared no matter what because if someone tries to kill me or my family I’m certainly not going to stand there and have a conversation with them about their motives!

And does it really matter if these murders were hate crimes? In my opinion, the category of hate crime should never have been created. Is there really any kind of murder that is more “OK” than another? Delbert Belton was murdered during a robbery so that’s not as “bad” as if he had been murdered simply for being white? Really? What kind of moron thought up the “not-so-bad-murder” to the “gee-it’s-bad-murder” scale?

The bottom line is that the behavior of these murderers is about the lack of any consequences for young offenders. Several years ago I knew a six-year-old girl who would behave differently when her mom was around. One day I asked her, “Why are you such a good little girl when your mom isn’t around but such a brat when she is?” Her response? “Because I know I can get away with it.” Out of the mouths of babes…. If a six-year-old knows this, you know that these punk teens know it. They see that they can just cry about being underage, poor, fatherless, or whatever B.S. works best to con liberals into feeling sorry for them instead of demanding personal responsibility.

As long as young thugs know they will get lesser sentences or will be pitied by gullible liberals, they will do whatever they want. You raise a child that way and you raise a holy terror for a human being. By their refusal to face the truth, the liberals who coddle punks and continue to live in their fantasy land of stickers saving the world, are the ones creating the environment that makes it easy for young people to kill. THEY are the ones turning out the evil human beings that the rest of us are stuck living with – or dying by.


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