Ancient Chinese Secret: Chinese Boy Stumbles Upon 3,000-Year-Old Sword

article-2748722-21325B4F00000578-359_634x404What an exciting find! This kid has some serious bragging rights.

A Chinese boy has stumbled across a 3,000-year-old bronze sword dating back to the dawn of Chinese civilisation as he stopped to wash his hands in a river.

Yang Junxi, 11, felt the tip of the sword’s edge as he washed in the Laozhoulin River, in Gaoyou County, Jiangsu Province.

He excitedly took it back home, where it was passed around in awe by his neighbours – some of whom offered large sums to buy the knife.

‘The short sword seems a status symbol of a civil official. It has both decorative and practical functions, but is not in the shape of sword for military officers.’ IBT reports.

The authorities are now planning a major archaeological dig in the river, once part of a system of ancient waterways that developed into today’s Grand Canal.

Junxi and his father Jinhai said many had offered high sums for the sword, but that it did not feel right to sell it.

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They have since been given a reward for handing in the relic.

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