Ancient Predators Lured into “Cave of Death”

smilodon-skull-300x351A mysterious cave near Madrid, Spain contains a large number of fossilized bones, most in very good condition for being millions of years old.

It was previously thought that the remains were caused by some sort of natural disaster or even the result of flooding from other caves.

A recent study proposes that the animals, many of which were prehistoric predators, entered the cave freely in the search for food.

The first animals that entered the cave were unable to leave and their carcasses lured other predators, who were able to have one last meal before finding themselves also trapped.

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According to the study, the site was discovered in 1991 and is a trove of fossilized remains.

So far over 18,000 fossils were unearthed from the area, including those of saber-toothed cats, bear dogs, and ancient variants of modern rhinos and hippos.

The cave had a single upper outlet which while accessible from the outside, trapped animals that could not reach it to come back out. Scientists also found evidence that predators trapped inside the cave made…



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