ANGEL OF DEATH: Street Art in Detroit Shows Angel Pointing a Gun at a Police Officer

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On the side of an educational center… classy.

Both police and the director of a youth center in Detroit call a recent graffiti painting “hurtful.”

The image is anything but angelic and to call it infuriating may be an understatement.

Someone spray painted an angel holding a police officer at gunpoint on the Youthville Building at the Plymouth Educational Center on Woodward.

The location is kitty corner to the Detroit Police Department Third Precinct.

“I don’t believe looking at the painting that God would give an angel a gun to shoot a police officer,” said Steve Dolunt, assistant Detroit police chief. “I think God gives angels to police officers to try to protect them.”

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Dolunt does not believe this painting represents how the vast majority of Detroit feels about its officers.

“Thirty-six times in the last 29 and a half years an angel wasn’t there to help us,” he said. “So I’m disheartened, dismayed, but I think we’ll get through this.”

In the painting the officer has his hands up – the same posture some witnesses say Michael Brown was in when a police officer was shot and killed this summer.

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