Angel of Mercy Packs a Pistol: Woman Saves Man’s Life from Angry Detroit Mob

Almost one week has passed since the brutal attack of a driver in Detroit who stopped to help a little boy he had accidentally just hit with his car.

In a bankrupt city with too few police, authorities are working fast to bring justice. Three people have been charged with assault – two adults and one teenager. A second teenager is in custody awaiting charges.

Police are still seeking several others to answer for the crime the city’s mayor has called “senseless”.

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As many as 10 – 12 people are believed to have participated in the beating while dozens of others stood by and watched – saying nothing, doing nothing.

Except one.

Deborah Hughes lives across the street. The retired nurse may have saved the life of that driver, Steve Utash. She broke up the angry mob that was beating him. Detroit Police Chief James Craig knocked on the woman’s door and personally called her a “Detroit hero.”

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