Animal Activists Place $$ Bounty on Huntress’ Head

Anti-hunters and animal activists have some much hate for hunters that they are willing to kill for it, literally placing ‘bounties’ (what is this, the wild west?) on hunters’ heads.

You could say these people are insane, because they hate ‘killing’ animals so much they’re going to kill for it.

That sounds like fascism; forcing your world views on the lives of strangers through murder… doesn’t it?

If you really think about it, these people are borderline ISIS terrorists.

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BIG game hunter has revealed she received over 1000 hate messages in an HOUR when Cecil the lion was shot and once had a bounty of £40,000 on her head.

Speaking in the week that huntress Melania Capitan was found dead in a suspected suicide, after being targeted online, American Olivia Nalos Opre has opened up about the abuse and death threats she had suffered.

The mum-of-four told The Sun Online: “I’ve had £40,000 ($50,000) bounty on my head with my home address posted and constant abuse and threats.

“I didn’t know Melania but I understand her struggle because it’s something I have dealt with for decades, but the hatred is entirely due to ignorance. –The Sun

Via Clash Daily: So it will become national news if a teenage girl is bullied online and is shown to have committed suicide. Will there be a similar outcry if it turns out that this was suicide, and that she was harassed and threatened?

What about ‘A-list’ comics publicly picking on thirteen-year-old girls who hunt? Does he get a pass for his cruelty to a minor just because he’s ‘funny’ and ‘edgy’? (Looking at YOU Ricky Gervais.)

Or this guy going for the cheap laughs.

Forget the fact that the teen Gervais mocked fed 800 orphans (check the link!) with one kill.

Forget the role in the ‘circle of life’ that hunters play in keeping everything in balance.

Nope. The same people who will defend the most ridiculously lewd acts and behavior, and participate in ‘slut walks’ will turn around and shame a hunter for doing with people have literally done for millennia beyond counting.

These ‘social justice warriors’ will cry over the death of a lion, and threaten the death of a stranger for killing it.

If anyone deserves to be shamed, it would be the activist losers. If they ever want to pull their head out of their backsides and join the real world, put this in their hands.

Hunters worldwide need to stick together and defend each other from these lunatics.

Enough is enough.

The suicide of Melania should be a wake-up call these ‘activists’ have gone too far.


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