The Animal Kingdom: 25 of the Cutest Parenting Moments by Some Very Wild Parents

animal-parents-40Editor’s Note: Talk about the major “aaawwwww” factor. These photos are precious.

A parent’s love for their child knows no boundaries, and this is true both of us and of our animal friends. In these heartwarming photos of animal parenting, you’ll recognize many of the same tender and stressful childhood moments that you may have also experienced as a parent or a child.

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Image credits: Anton Belovodchenko

Image credits:

Image credits: Jeanette DiAnda

Image credits: Igor Shpilenok

Image credits: Ric Seet

Image credits:

Image credits: Marco Mattiussi

Image credits: Jan Pelcman

Image credits: Laurie Rubin

Image credits: Michael Milicia

Image credits: Chuck Babbitt

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