ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST ARRESTED: For Doing this to #CecilTheLion Dentist’s Office

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.30.15 AMWonderful.

A woman has been charged with vandalising the office of the dentist who killed Cecil the lion by spray painting the words ‘perv’ and ‘scum’ on an outdoor sign.

Prosecutors have confirmed that Kimberley Ann Socha of Bloomington, Minneapolis, has been charged with felony damage to property after spraying the sign outside the River Bluffs Dental Surgery owned by Walter Palmer.

Palmer sparked an international backlash earlier this year after he illegally baited Cecil out of a protected Zimbabwe wildlife reserve and killed the animal with a bow and arrow.

Since then he has been targeted by animal rights activists and has also had his holiday home in Florida vandalized.

On Monday morning police were called to Palmer’s surgery in suburban Minneapolis after a witness reported that a sign had been spray painted.

Socha, 41, is accused of spray painting the sign by spraying the words ‘perv’ and ‘scum’ causing $1,600 worth of damage.

It has been reported that a search of her car revealed she had several cans of spray paint in the back as well as multiple animal rights posters and a fake animal trap with two fake furs with blood on them.

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