ANONYMOUS HACKING GROUP: Tells Facebook and Law Enforcement to Step Aside and Let Them Take Out ISIS

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.17.38 PMWhat is a hacking group to do? Honestly, I hope FB and officials let #OpISIS succeed. They need to be diminished from every aspect.

The international hacktivist group Anonymous has declared all out war on the terrorist group known as ISIS, or the so-called “Islamic State.” Now, they are asking Facebook and law enforcement to step back, get out of their way and stop impeding their private investigations into ISIS members and recruiters.

Last week, the social media giant Facebook took down a key Anonymous group that was responsible for exposing and downing tens of thousands of ISIS recruiter accounts. After we ran a viral story on this, Facebook reversed the ban on the group, but has retained a ban against its administrators.

This marks the second time that Facebook has taken down Anonymous groups for their work against ISIS. To this day, the social media corporation has refused to comment to our press inquires about their controversial tacit support for ISIS utilizing their platform for recruiting.

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